FeinSoftware presents FeinWindows ™ version 2.0 - windows navigator for Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015.

FeinWindows ™ is a replacement windows navigator. It is accessible from the "WINDOW | FeinWindows" menu. FeinWindows adds ability to work with the long file and directory names by providing resizable toolwindow. As any toolwindow, it could be docked anywhere in the Studio.

FeinSoftware's FeinWindows ™

Additional features include "Type" column, "Time" column (last modification time), "Dirty" column to indicate whether the document is modified and "R/O" column for ReadOnly documents.
You can sort list of documents on any column, and the sorting order is indicated by up or down arrow in the column header.
You can reorder columns by dragging column header to where you want it. The order of the columns and their width is preserved between sessions.
An extra convenience (compared to Visual Studio's standard windows manger) provided by new accelerator: Del key can be used to close all selected windows. Enter key can be used to activate selected window.

FeinWindows command is inserted into the WINDOW menu above the list of all open windows:

FeinSoftware's FeinWindows command in a WINDOWS menu

FeinWindows provides the toolbar for easy access to its command:

FeinSoftware's FeinWindows command in a WINDOWS menu

The following commands are available:

  • Activate selected window (Enter)
  • Save selected windows (Ctrl+S)
  • Close selected windows (Delete)
  • About FeinWindows
  • Online Help for FeinWindows (F1)
  • Support FeinSoftware
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