FeinSoftware presents FeinTasks ™ version 1.0 - enhanced Task List for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, 2013 and 2015.

FeinTasks ™ allows you to quickly navigate through TODO, HACK, etc. comments in every file of every project in the currently open solution.

FeinSoftware's FeinTasks ™

It is accessible from the "TOOLS | FeinTasks" menu.

The following commands are available:

FeinSoftware's FeinTasks commands
  • Reload Tasks from the current solution
  • Go to the selected Task (Enter)
  • Go to the previous Task
  • Go to the next Task
  • About FeinTasks
  • Online Help for FeinTasks (F1)
  • Support FeinSoftware
  • Please download your free copy of FeinSoftware's FeinTasks ™ 1.0 installation package here.

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    In the unlikely event of incorrect functionality of the FeinTasks ™, we would appreciate a short bug report sent to support@feinsoftware.com.

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