FeinSoftware presents FeinCtrl ™ version 2.0 - keyboard binding browser for Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, 2013 and 2015.

FeinCtrl ™ allows you to browse commands defined in Visual Studio and their keyboard binding. Do you know how many commands are defined? My default installation of Visual Studio 2013 defines more than 4,000 commands, with almost a 1,000 having defined shortcuts. Aren't you curious to see them all? If you would like to perform more extensive filtering, searching, etc., FeinCtrl allows you to export all key bindings into a comma-separated values file to be used in your favorite app (like Excel).

FeinSoftware's FeinCtrl ™

It is accessible from the "Tools | FeinCtrl" menu.

The following commands are available:

FeinSoftware's FeinCtrl ™ toolbar
  • Reset sort order
  • Export key bindings to csv file
  • FeinCtrl settings
  • About FeinCtrl
  • Online Help for FeinCtrl
  • Support FeinSoftware
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