FeinSoftware presents CommentMaker - development tool for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (Visual C++).
(For information about fully customizable template-based version, please visit CommentMakerPro page.)

CommentMaker is a comment generation tool designed to work in Visual C++ under current versions of Visual Studio 2002 (7.0) and 2003 (7.1).

Every developer understands the need of properly documenting their code, but not all of us do it. Common reasons are "not enough time", "too many other things to do", etc.

CommentMaker does some of the work for you. It creates customizable function header that you can adjust to most companies' documentation requirements. For example, default settings of CommentMaker create function headers that are compatible with a popular document generation tool Doxygen, which is used by many software companies.

There are many tools on the market similar to CommentMaker, but all of them have some shortcomings. Most trivial simply paste a boilerplate for function header that must be edited according to number of function parameters, return type, etc. Some are not compatible with Visual Studio .NET, other are simple text parsers that play a role of a C++ compiler to determine function's type, parameters, and parameters' type (often incorrectly). The main difference of FeinSoftware's CommentMaker from its competitors is utilization of Visual Studio for the code analysis. The comments generated by CommentMaker correctly list formal parameters of the function with their types, constness and optional default values. For the function itself, CommentMaker states its access type (public, protected or private), whether it is virtual, constant, overloaded, constructor / destructor or operator.

Customization of CommentMaker allows you to select what information will be included in the generated comment: parameters, return type, remarks, reference, author and date, and to specify meta commands to use for each element. This provides easy tuning to document generation tool of your choice, or simply to you company's standard.

Please download your free copy of CommentMaker here.

Using CommentMaker

The FeinSoftware's CommentMaker comes in the standard msi installation package.

The first time you start your Visual Studio after installing CommentMaker, new "Comment Maker" submenu will be added to your "Tools" menu with the following commands: Insert Function Header Comment Maker Options About Comment Maker

The toolbar with these commands will also be created.

To insert a function header, simple position cursor anywhere in the function body and invoke "Insert Function Header" command either from the menu or from the toolbar. The comment block will be inserted right in front of the function definition, after all existing comments.

The content of the function header could be controlled from the "Content" page of the Comment Maker Options:

The commands could be customized from the "Commands" page of the Comment Maker Options:

Please download your free copy of CommentMaker here.

We appreciate your comments about usability of this tool. Please send your feedback to development@feinsoftware.com.

In the unlikely event of incorrect functionality of the CommentMaker, we would appreciate a short bug report sent to support@feinsoftware.com.

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